Erin Brockovich Still Doing Good In The World

Perhaps Julia Roberts presented us with a snapshot of Erin Brockovich‘s life in the film Erin Brockovich where we empathized with the single mother who struggled to support her 3 children and fought the ethical good fight against a corporation whose waste management skills caused illnesses and death to the surrounding populous.

But where is the woman who inspired the film?

From what the film showed us, we perceived a woman who was not taken seriously because of the way she dressed but who had much more to her than what she wore. What she appeared to have lacked in certain areas in her life [in the film], she made up for in integrity, courage and heart.  She has more than proved this in real life with the continuing efforts she makes in the work she continues to do today, something we are very happy to report.

As President of the consulting firm, Brockovich Research & Consulting, she is still involved in numerous major environmental cases and still concerned with the welfare of others.



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