A New Planet?

Times like this make us miss Pluto as a planet but it has been reported that a new planet has been found. We love how they call it new like it hasn’t been there billions of years already. In any case, the planet is just a hop, skip and 40 light years away from Earth. It has also been said that the planet possesses qualities that are the most similar to Earth’s.

It is made up of hydrogen and helium but would be unable to sustain life as the heat tops the 400 degree Fahrenheit mark.

David Charbonneau of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said, “If you want to describe in one sentence what this planet is, it’s a big, hot ocean” .

The planet that has now been named Pandora GJ 1214b is twice the size of our planet and orbits orbits its’ star every 38 hours.

The December 17 issue of the journal Nature is said to explain more, so if you’re interested. Pick up a copy!

One day, we will find a planet that can sustain life. Wonder what we’ll find the Na’vi then!


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