Surprising Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes of All Time

A research study conducted by Euromonitor International has shown that Elizabeth Taylor‘s White Diamonds has the best sales in the US market at $67.2 million, which is not so surprising. The perfume has a powdery scent, which slightly reminds us of Bulgari. We think its’ success can be attributed to the abundance of elderly dames out and about. The baby boomers are the largest age demographic so let’s not kid ourselves into thinking J.Lo or Britney stank would appeal to them.
But with P.Diddy Puff, Seans Combs’ cologne Sean John Unforgivable coming in at number 2 with $48.5 million in sales, we have say we were a little surprised.
Even more surprised with Celine Dion at number 3,
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker came in 4th (what?) with Derek Jeter Driven at 5. The list just gets worse and worse doesn’t it? Who even knew he had one out. Do you EVEN remember who he is!? We say the same of Diavolo by Antonio Banderas at 6.

Oddly enough, J.Lo and Britney Spears who we expected to top the list round it out.


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