These are People Magazine’s Choices For Leighton Meester’s BEST Look?

Ridic what People have featured as the Gossip Girl’s best looks.

We fear the definition of best walks a thin line here especially if best is used to describe that both pictures are good and they are NOT!

Of course, the mag seems to think they are and accompanied the photos with the description that Leighton looks kinda like a hoe at the corner of sad and desperate ”splits her attention between lips and eyes, going with dramatically winged shadow and pale lips one night and a deep red mouth another.”

Blah blah. Why is this whoredom and cosmetic abuse being promoted? Pores are meant to be allowed to BREATHE! Not suffocated with foundation.

Be weary of women’s portrayal in the mass media. Make-up doesn’t have to be put on blindly to look bad ass or whatever she was attempting to achieve. Cutting edge and Cheap street are two different things.

Ways to correct these disasters?

Perhaps the first can be mildly saved with an up-do with more smokey eye rather than plastic in the eyeshadow.

Look at the example below:
The second can be fixed with less eyeliner and throwing away the silver eyeshadow (in this instance). Red lipstick can be kept but pay attention to which shade makes you look like firetruck instead of CALIENTE, which was probably what you wanted instead.

One can choose to do the eyes OR the lips dramatically NOT both unless clown is a sexy you’d be willing to try.


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