I Am 16 Going On 17777

How sweet! Christmas time kinda reminded us about the wonders of the Sound of Music but then we began thinking about beautiful Liesl Von Trapp or rather Charmian Carr. *cough* Liesl

So whatever happened to her?

Her most well-known role was of course in the Sound of Music, but it was also her first. She divulged that Liesl consumed a great part of her life as Fox had kept her on contract for 7 years afterwards for publicity. “It was hard to have your first role as the high spot of your career. I felt smothered by Liesl. She began to feel like my evil twin, the perfect one that everyone loved.”

She later quit acting for interior decorating because her husband felt overshadowed by Liesl. However, this led to her taking on a role as Michael Jackson‘s decorator. (WHAT? How did they meet?)

Who are we kidding? Everyone loves the Sound of Music. Michael shared that ”he loves the moment when Captain von Trapp starts to sing with his children.” Charmian did say of Michael though that she “decorated his Encino home with animals and mocked-up candy stores, but quit because he was so weird”.

Whether she still dabbles in interior decorating is unknown but she still receives a cheque for everytime the Sound of Music is shown on tv.

So though we imagine having your first role as the highlight of your career, it was quite the highlight, wasn’t it!


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