Indian Minister Resigns Because Of Supposed Sex Scandal

Even though member of the ruling Congress Party, N D Tiwariand aged 86 claims that video footage implicating him in a sex scandal with 3 women was doctored, the senior representative of Andhra Pradesh state was asked to resigned by his Congress party.

The video in question, which sparked many online debates on the conduct of political officials, was the most watched on Youtube in India last weekend.

On youtube over the entire weekend? Wow alleged sex tape. We don’t know much about this politician but the man is 86 and IF this tape is authentic, why would he want to endanger his health? For a grand finale on life?

The minister resigned on health grounds (that’s one way of putting it), Amulya Ganguli, New Delhi-based political analyst said that, “whatever the reasons, this comes at a very bad time for the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh.” However, the Congress Party was happy to accept Tiwari’s resignation and why wouldn’t they be? They separate themselves from the minister and his alleged behaviour.

Though N. Bhaskara Rao of the Centre for Media studies said that “this incident adds to the problems of the Congress party and the government will now have to look for a replacement who they will hope can control the political turmoil and keep the house in order in Andhra Pradesh”.

Politics are deep murky waters in which we would not delight in swimming in but the question remains as to if the replacement will be able to bring order into the house.

Only time will tell.


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