New York Gay Activists Over-Run Senator’s X-mas

And rightly so it would seem as the Tuesday night Christmas soirée they crashed was that of New York state senator Hiram Monserrate.

Why, you ask? Because not only did this senator vote against the marriage equality bill but he is also a convicted domestic abuser.

So a man and a woman are allowed to be in an abusive relationship legally but a gay couple are not allowed the simple right to get married? This was in fact the same sentiment expressed by an unknown gay activist.

The Christmas party also fell on the one-year anniversary of a violent incident where ”Monserrate dragged his girlfriend through his apartment building’s lobby and was accused of slashing her face, which he contended was an accident”.

An accident, are you kidding? Who would believe that cock and bull story!?

Criticism was also directed at Wayne Mahlke, Monserrate’s gay chief of staff at whom was yelled, ”Are you proud of yourself, Wayne?’ To which, Mahlke responded, “I have taken my position. The senator’s position is not my position.”

The above video is that of the activists’ group THE POWER who believe in advocating political action, their main issue being with the good senator.

Do you think the activists were right to parade into the tawdry, abusive Senator’s night o’ fun?


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