Can Buy Me Billionaire Love?

China, known for its advancing technology and fashion is also renown as being home to about 130 billionaires who just didn’t have time to find love while they were busy building their empires.


So it shouldn’t be a wonder that the match-making ball organized by match-making agency Golden Bachelors last Sunday was a veritable hit with 21 billionaires and 22 single women attending. The Asian media is calling it one of the Chinese capital’s most expensive parties ever as it costed 100,000 yuan ($14,650) a head!

Golden Bachelor media director Xiao Pu shared that the billionaires “use [their] agency to filter through suitable partners according to their physical appearance, personality,
level of education, level of income and family background.”

Some of the women were found through beauty pageants, scouted by the agency’s “love hunters” or registered through the site itself. At the exclusive event, they dressed in exquisite ball gowns, sang, danced and even cooked their way into the lonely men’s hearts during a talent show at the ball.

One of the participants, 22-year-old Dai who studies at Nanjing arts university told the China Daily that “every girl has the right to pursue happiness. I just want to avoid the problems I may be forced to face before falling in love.”

This event was said to be so successful that 80 percent of couples who attended the ball went on agency-organized dates, some even planning dates on their own initiative.

Where are our love hunters, we ask!

What would you do for love?


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