So Upsetting!

Eutisha Rennex pictured above with brother Eudane

Christmas is almost upon us and we were under the impression that Christmas spirit was all around. We did not expect the heartlessness and conceited entitlement that we had read about EMTs refusing to help people!

Apparently these two idiots decided that because they were on their break, they were not obligated to help 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix, a dying pregnant woman. But being EMTs, they were super helpful when they told employees of the Au Bon Pain shop in 1 Metrotech Center in Brooklyn to call 911 on their way OUT THE DOOR. Meanwhile, Eutisha collapsed and later died at Long Island College Hospital prematurely giving birth to a baby that died two hours afterwards.

Seriously?! A pregnant woman? You stupid stupid people. Isn’t it your job to save lives?

Cynthia Rennix mother of the deceased says EMTs Jason Green, 32 and Melissa Jackson, 23 are “inhuman” and shouldn’t have taken those jobs if they weren’t willing to get involved. These are people who are supposed to take a minute to be concerned.”

We really feel for this family. No parent should ever have to bury their child. There is no guarantee that EMTs would have been able to help Eutisha but the fact that they shrugged off the responsibility? That is very sad.

We have learned that romantically involved Green and Jackson have since been suspended by the Fire Department for this irresponsible, selfish behaviour.

Romantic eh? We hope you have a long happy life together IN JAIL.


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