Still on Hiatus But We Couldn’t Resist!!

Coco Chanel has arrived in Shanghai and she is celebrating! Her conquest of the East continues as Shanghai welcomes her with open arms as Paris-London and Paris-Moscow had before. Her recent success with the East began with the Russian market with the Paris-Moscow 2008 collection. So it is no wonder that Chinese consumers will also be LOVING the new boutique that has just opened!

Chanel has chosen to celebrate the arrival of the Haute Couture maison in Shanghai by choosing to launch the Pre-Fall fashion show at the same time that she opens the doors to her new boutique in Asia’s new centre. Not only that but even Karl Lagerfeld couldn’t contain his excitement as a little film of 28 minutes named « Paris-Shanghai, a Fantasy » will be released directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself!
The film is described as being very esthetic and best of all, it contains all things Coco! Ok, so it’s a little theatre-y and honestly the airhead actress trying on Coco’s jacket? Anyway, the film shows Coco Chanel during the 30s and 60s taken on a journey from Paris to Shanghai. A number of classic items from the maison are shown such as her perfume Chanel No. 5, the Chanel vest, padded bags and the myth of Coco as an influence and inspiration.
We think Karl they could have done better but we love the pieces used.

Also, why is the Emperor of China white here? What Karl, you ran out of Asians or are you assuming everyone wants to be white!

Ignoring this we say Congratulations Chanel in your Asian ventures!


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