Court pays to cover up Neo-nazi’s tattoos in make-up!

Its always something isnt it. This time, John Ditullio, the winner pictured above attended court yesterday where a judge ordered the state to pay for a cosmetologist to apply body makeup to cover up Ditullio’s tattoos EACH day he is in court. $150 times x-amount is.. This includes his face and neck, which included a swastika, barbed wire and inappropriate language.

Was this necessary, we ask? We are tending towards the ‘NO!’ side as the neo-Nazi is being charged with stabbing 17-year-old Kristofer King to death in New Port Richey, north of St. Petersburg in 2006.

As ‘his tattoos could prejudice a jury’, his lawyer requested they be covered up and so they were but ONLY the ones our happy Nazi had before his arrest. Any tattoos acquired afterwards are stated by law to STAY exposed.

They should have put some of that money towards hacking off that thing he calls a beard or goatee. Whatever. We think you do the crime you do the time. However, in this case, there is a very large possibility a death sentence could be handed down……

What do you think? Do you agree with taxpayer money being used with the intention to deceive jury members?


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