Hey Let’s Hug It Out ..under the Mistletoe?!

Debrett is apparently the authority on etiquette in Britain promoting the polite and proper ways of how one should act in social and private settings so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have a few thoughts regarding Christmas.

They advise that when under the mistletoe one should kiss the other person on the cheek instead of on the lips to avoid the spreading of swine flu and calm the hysteria regarding the matter.

Sounds like…fun

Why the hell would you need mistletoe for cheek kisses! We say make out like there’s no tomorrow

Jo Bryant, Debrett’s etiquette adviser also suggests that ”those who have been drinking a lot to steer away from the mistletoe — because their “social skills will be impaired.”

Yea, impaired into sexy timmeee but isn’t that what defines the ”office party” lewd and non-sober behaviour?


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