Killing you for your fat

The picture reads ”Promise, this won’t hurt. Would you like if we did the same to you [as is done to animals]?” This stands up for animal rights however, the use of humans for cosmetics might not be so far-fetched an idea….

And this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

It has been discovered that a Peruvian gang have been killing people and draining the corpses of their fat! Then selling it on the black market for cosmetic use! It has also been speculated that this ‘draining’ has been occurring for more than 3 decades!

Police revealed that suspects were caught with bottles of liquid human fat, which is allegedly worth $60,000 a gallon ($15,000 a liter). The fat was then sold to intermediaries in Peru’s capital, Lima, and is alleged to have been sold to cosmetic companies in Europe but no sales have been confirmed.

Only five murders have been confessed to but it is suspected that many more were killed for this same purpose. Over 30 people are missing in Huanuco province near where the gang operated.



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