Warhol sells BIG at Sotheby’s

Buyers at Christie’s might not have been ready for Warhol’s Tuna Fish Disaster price tag but at Sotheby’s his other work “200 One Dollar Bills” sold for a gazillion dollars. Ok no it didnt. It sold for 43.8 million dolllarrss!! But really isnt it the same thing? The piece consists of “200 real-sized one dollar bills reproduced in black on grey … and with a blue replica of the Treasury Department seal. If they were real cash, the sale price was greater by a factor of 219,000.” If you can believe “200 One Dollar Bills” had been estimated to only sell between $8-12 million.

The ridiculously rich lucky new owner of the art piece is London art collector, Pauline Karpidas.

52 out of 54 lots were sold with a final tally of $134.4 million at the end of the night far outselling the 97.7 million appraisal price set for the items.

Just goes to show. Money will be spent regardless of economic downfall and it seems usually to be spent at auctions


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