Yves Saint-Laurent Auction Earning Serious Money

The Christie’s Yves Saint Laurent auction which ends tomorrow has brought has amassed a considerable amount of money, skyrocketing past and outperforming estimated price predictions. Items from the sale have already made about 4 million euros. That is 6 million dollars. This is already 3 million more than Christie’s predictions for the sale as of yesterday.

The art works belonging to late French couturier Yves Saint Laurent and his companion and business partner Pierre Berge are currently being sold at Marigny theater in Paris.

The first art sale which occurred in February featured masterpieces by Picasso, Ingres and Mondrian and raised more than 370 million euros ($555.2 million). The second sale, which began on November 17th will run until tomorrow and includes almost 1,200 works housed in the couple’s Chateau Gabriel, a 19th-century Normandy country house as well as their two Paris residences

We have to say, THIS is insane! ”A five-piece set of furniture in antler worth 6,000 to 8,000 euros went for 169,000 euros! To top it off the couple’s pots and pans, which the AFP have described as ”banal” which were predicted to sell for 700 to 1,000 euros, sold for 15,000 euros. That’s $22,294.50.”

hmm having spent that much money on the pots and pans, would they even want to use them?

The great thing about this sale though is that all proceeds will be going towards the fight against AIDS.

We wonder what how much more the auction will make!


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