Unfriend: Oxford Word of the Year

Unfriend won for best word of 2009 beating out words intexticated, sexting,freemium and trampstamp among others.

Unfriend we have heard of before, according to the new entry, it is defined as a verb and is

“To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook” HA!

As in, “I have decided to unfriend my roommate on Facebook if we have another fight.”

Senior Lexicographer for Oxford’s US dictionary program, Christine Lindberg says “It has both currency and potential longevity.” Only a scholar would make a word like unfriend sound like Oscar Wilde

There were a few choice ones also considered for Word of the Year:

intexticated – distracted because texting on a cellphone while driving a vehicle

sexting – the sending of sexually explicit texts and pictures by cellphone

freemium – a business model in which some basic services are provided for free, with the aim of enticing users to pay for additional, premium features or content

tramp stamp – a tattoo on the lower back, usually on a woman HAhaA


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