First smart thing PM Harper’s done in 4 Years

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper can be easily forgotten as PM as no one really knows what’s going on. With him or Canadian government.

Yet there is light at the end of that shining tunnel, Harper is set promote economic links with India, home to IT Specialists, Engineers, Bollywood you name it

Harper praised the Indo-Canadian relationship at a luncheon speech to a Mumbai investor audience saying, “This South Asian tiger indeed has awoken, and the world is standing in awe.”

The ‘tiger’ was always awake hombre, you were sleeping!!!

However, Harper did come to a realization stating that “between us, our combined GDP is well on the way to $4 trillion. Yet at the moment we are only doing $5 billion worth of business per year. Where we are today is not where we ought to be.” He continued on to discussing current Indo-Canadian links of ”pluralistic parliamentary democracy, federalism and [the] more than a million Canadians who claim Indian heritage” saying that Canada has “one of the most welcoming environments for investment in the world and has the resources necessary to meet India’s growing energy and infrastructure needs.”.

He also discussed a bilateral nuclear co-operation agreement that was announced in January and expressed Canada’s desire to also complete a foreign investment protection deal. Both deals are currently under negotiation.

“Canada and India have so much to offer each other and the world.”

We agree although we’re not sure about the nuclear agreement, foreign investment with India in tow is a great idea.

Good Job Harper


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