The Obama Effect: Letterman’s Ratings Soar!

Oh the Americanos and the drama with Healthcare Reform.

In case you were not aware, President Obama is attempting to pass a bill through which will form an accessible system of healthcare to everyone

Obama was also on Letterman last night. It will not be surprising to see the President’s approval rating follows suit!
”The appearance of Barack Obama on Late Show with David Letterman gave the leader in late night programming his highest ratings in four years, only to be beaten by the elusive Oprah in 2005!

Monday’s season opener garnered a 5.6 household ratings! And although that number may not be impressive to you, we’ll try and put it in layman’s terms – he killed it!

Letterman’s viewership was 195% higher than the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and 27% above the 10pm Jay Leno Show.

Now, what are the ratings on healthcare reform?!”


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