Self Magazine Defends Airbrushing

The hot topics of hot topics: Airbrushing!! As you might know, the Brits wanted to ban photoshop.

This caused Lucy Danziger, Self Magazine’s editor-in-chief to write a response in defense of Kelly Clarkson’s exceedingly airbrushed cover and photoshopping in general.

She defends airbrushing by saying “we allow the postproduction process to happen, where we mark up the photograph to correct any awkward wrinkles in the blouse, flyaway hair, and other things that might detract from the beauty of the shot. This is art, creativity, and collaboration. It’s not, as in a news photograph, journalism. It is, however, meant to inspire women to want to be their best. That is the point.”

Showing women a false impossible ideal trapped in an image is inspiring?? Since when is telling women they are not GOOD ENOUGH a source of inspiration!

To top it off, Danziger also admitted that she asked her staff to shave off a few inches from her hips in a photo of her running a marathon that ran with the editor’s note in her mag saying, “I am confident in my body, proud of what it can accomplish, but it just didn’t look the way I wanted in every picture.”

Inspiration should start with honesty, encouragement, and some sort of healthy normalcy instead of photoshopped pictures.


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