Canadian Billionaires Giving Back

Ahhh les billionairesss of Canada. Above are some very recognizable names and companies and others not so much, but they all share something in common, their desire to GIVE BACK!

The first picture is of Guy Laliberte who has an estimated 2.6 billion from Cirque de Soleil. His first contribution to the foundation he helped launch was 100 million $. The non-profit organization is dedicated to fighting poverty worldwide by improving access to water with technical projects.
Next we have Galen and Hilary Weston worth about 5.2 billion from George Weston Ltd. They control Loblaws, Weston Foods, Holt Renfrew. Hilary Weston founded the Ireland Fund of Canada funding peace projects in Ireland and also raised $250-million for the Royal Ontario Museum.
We then have Jim Balsillie with his 1.8 billion. The source? Research in Motion. He donated $30-million in 2002 to create the Centre for International Governance Innovation, a non-profit think-tank which makes policy recommendations on international governance issues. In 2008, he raised $50-million for the creation of the Balsillie School of International Governance, a joint venture between the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University.
Michael Lee-Chin has an estimated worth of 1.1 billion drawing from Portland Holdings, AIC mutual funds, National Commercial Bank of Jamaica. He donated $30-million donation to the Royal Ontario Museum, which led to a new addition called the Lee-Chin Crystal. He also donated $3.8 million to build a nursing school in Jamaica.
Lastly from the Jim Pattinson group which includes Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley’s Believe It or Not comes Jim Pattison at roughly 2.2 billion. $20 million was sent to the Prostate Centre at Vancouver General Hospital — the largest private donation ever made to a health care facility in Canada; $5-million to the an emergency centre at Lions Gate Hospital; $1.5 million to a Robot-Assisted Laparoscopy Program at Vancouver General Hospital; and $1 million to the Stanley Park Restoration Fund.

Though they have more money than we could possibly dream of, we can appreciate this. It also goes to show that Canada has a few billionaires of its own, a number which is steadily increasing year by year. It should also serve as an example as for everything we take, we should give..even if it’s just a little.

Here are a few charity sites we donate to:


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